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Sentry Northwest, LLC


At Sentry Northwest, our insurance products and investment services are backed by our solemn promise:
A promise of financial security and protection, and a commitment to helping families achieve their dreams while protecting what they cherish.


Sentry Northwest strives to be the premier insurance and investment firm in the state of Washington. Our primary concern is providing personalized protection and investment strategies for each client. We are a locally owned, civic-minded business that operates in a fiduciary capacity—our clients’ needs come first. We measure our success by the level of service we provide our clients.

Who We Are

Founded locally by Veterans, our core values of commitment, protection, and service are in our DNA.  Our primary goal is to be the foundational support for our clients, providing financial stability and peace of mind. The Sentry name is derived from our ongoing desire to enhance the quality of life of our clients by providing a buffer of protection & security surrounding their loved ones & their livelihood.


Auto Insurance

We build coverage that suits your individual needs. We guarantee that you will understand the details of your auto policy, and precisely how it protects you. Whenever you drive your vehicle, your savings and assets are at risk from a liability claim.

Homeowner’s Insurance

Home ownership is a source of security and pride. Home is where you build memories and share life with the ones you love. Sentry Northwest will ensure that you are prepared should the worst occur. We recognize that your home is more than just walls and floors—it’s where life happens.

Umbrella Insurance 

Protect your savings and assets. Additional liability protection is essential to ensure that your livelihood isn’t jeopardized after a mishap. Things happen.

Renter’s Insurance

Even if you don’t own your home or apartment, it is essential to have protection for your property. Renter’s insurance will provide special protection should a mishap occur in your rental home. Specifically, if you become displaced from your home after an accident, renter’s insurance.

RV Insurance

Enjoy your recreational vehicle experience with confidence.  While spending time with your family and friends, the last thing on your mind should be the outcome of a mishap. Our expert team can show you how to protect your property and exposure, and ensure your vacation doesn’t end prematurely if your RV is damaged.

Motorcycle Insurance 

The open road is calling—time to get out in the wind! We will make sure that your motorcycle is protected from a mishap. There are several protection essentials that no rider should be without.

Boat Insurance 

We live in a beautiful area, surrounded by hundreds of lakes and the Puget Sound. Take advantage of these pristine waterways and enjoy them in your own boat. We can help make your time on the water as enjoyable as possible by ensuring that you have the correct amount of coverage.

Commercial Auto Insurance 

As a business owner, your exposure when driving a commercial vehicle is very different than that of a private citizen. Proper coverage includes added liability protection for contents and passengers, and reimbursement for lost revenue during a mishap.

ATV Insurance

Do you have toys in the garage? Did you know you need coverage for those too? ATV protection is very affordable.

Snowmobile Insurance

Did you know you need coverage for the toys in your garage too? Snowmobile coverage is very affordable.

Manufactured Home Insurance

We represent the number one manufactured home insurer in the country. If something happens to your manufactured home, our coverage will replace your home and provide you with temporary housing while you are displaced.

Flood Insurance

Have you noticed that it rains in Washington state? We know, we love it too, but our Northwest weather does bring a degree of flood risk to your home. Have you looked into protection already, and found that you need an expensive assessment beforehand?

Business Owners Policy Insurance

Your business is as important to protect as your home is. In addition to many other coverages, your BOP coverage should include:

  • Protection of your business property
  • Liability coverage
  • Business interruption protection
  • Protection from crime

Condo Insurance

Condo policies are written differently than those for standalone homes, but the protections are just as important. Should something terrible occur, you need to be made whole again. Making you whole includes replacing your possessions, replacing the structure, and providing a temporary place for you to live while what is wrong is made right again.

Classic Car Insurance

For many, the opportunity to own a classic car is the reward for a great deal of hard work and sacrifice. Classic cars are a unique risk, and their coverage can’t be written in the same way as generic autos. To protect your prized investment, we represent the best carriers in the industry.


Secure the Future, Protect Whats Important

Our Preferred Property & Casualty Carriers


If you have a question about our services or about your own insurance coverages please feel free to reach out to us for a free consultant. Please do not hesitate to give us a call.


Whether you want to ask detailed questions about our insurance services or offerings we are happy to assist you in insurance related questions please do not hesitate to give us a call.

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While sometimes an e-mail or a call will do some people want to meet in person to review insurance concers or ask about product & services. Schedule an appointment with us.

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